Our Solutions

Livia offers a hub of digital applications that work for the benefit of the patient and the key stakeholders

Livia Health

Get access to prescription medicines at the best price with utmost convenience

Livia for Chemist

Do you own a Pharmacy? Learn how we can help you connect with more patients and grow your practice.

Livia MD

This is a practice management and patient discovery app available to doctors on the Android and iOS platforms.

Livia Insurance

Are you an insurance company that provides medical insurance? See how you can save over 33% in prescription medicine bills with our Pharmacy Benefits Management services.

Livia Provider Platform

Livia provides white label Android and IOS applications for hospitals and doctors to expand there on-line reach and grow a formidable digital practice.

Your medicine at the best price possible, with the utmost convenience!


Get quality medicines at the best available price.


All data is handled with stipulated data handling guidlines ensuring safety and security of the data.


Consult with a doctor online, get an e-prescription and order for your medicication delivered to where you are.

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Livia is only available for download in Kenya.
We are working hard to be present in other Countries.

  • Livia App
  • Livia App